Welcome to Thy Witch’s Kitchen.

My name is Leanne and I am an Atheist Eclectic Witch. I have been a practicing Pagan Celt for over twenty years.

I am a lover of old things, re-purposing and harnessing the love and energy in items which have been pre-loved. I also love to use nature in home remedies and make my own lotions and medicinal bars. I love to spend my time searching out unwanted things.

At Thy Witch’s Kitchen we are all about reloving, repurposing and breathing new life into items which can be loved again. We scour junk shops, auction and charity stores and look for those hidden treasures to make into beautiful things. We believe objects can carry so much energy and history with them so we always make sure each and every item spends a night with our cleansing stones and are thoroughly prepped and repaired. WE see minor imperfections as added character. We want only happy vibes ingrained into each piece so we only create when we feel compelled to do so.

You can guarantee each one is re-modelled with love.

Feedback from customers

The Dandelion balm cleared up my skin


Beautiful designs, all unique. I love your work


My daughter is going to love her trinket box


Watch for unique items being listed